Are Metal Roofs Easier to Maintain?


The majority of people who purchase a metal roof, do so because metal roofs are so low-maintenance. A metal roof is known to last up to 60 years and is also known to maintain its quality and look at the highest standards established by the roofing industry.

Are Metal Roofs Easier to Maintain?

When it comes to maintaining any type of roof, the first most important factor is making sure the roof was installed correctly by a roof specialist.

When it comes to metal roofs, a known fact is that the initial investment can be more costly than a standard roof, however maintaining a metal roof is less expensive, in the long run, because the life of one metal roof actually equals the life of three asphalt roofs.  

Why Would A Metal Roof Need Maintenance?

Maintaining a metal roof is equally as important as purchasing a standard roof. Why?

  • to enjoy the look you invested in
  • to avoid any problems early
  • to protect the longevity of the roof by maintaining it at its highest quality

How To Maintain A Metal Roof

When it comes to maintaining a metal roof, as opposed to other types of roofs, like a shingle roof, many of the steps are the same:

1 – Observe the overall look from a distance

2 – Clean off any dirt, stains, mildew or other foreign elements

3 – Remove debris from gutters and drains

4 – Clear off all leaves and/or debris caught in the roof’s valleys and other dead places

5 – Remove any branches or sticks that have collected on the roof

6 – Make sure the roof is void of any foreign metals or other materials

7 – Inspect all fasteners, rivets and/or screws

A few additional items for a metal roof include:

  • inspecting all seams
  • replacing sealant, where needed
  • looking for any flaking, scratches, scuffs, chips or punctures
  • making sure no excessive chalking, fading or corrosion exists

Choosing the right roof for you is most important. This includes the financial consideration and then maintenance of the roof. Every roof has its pros and cons.  

Roof Maintenance: Homeowner vs Professional

No matter what roof your purchase, some homeowners prefer to maintain the roof on their own, but just remember, roof maintenance can be unsafe, so it is vital to consider safety and possibly recruit someone to help you out, so you can keep an eye on each other. Roofs can be slippery and steeper than they appear. There are several types of professional roof maintenance services available, like those offered by American Roofing USA. We are very well trained in both roof maintenance and roof safety. Just remember, if you feel uneasy about climbing onto your roof, then call a professional, like us where our list of satisfied customers grows continually.  

For more information on metal roof purchases and maintaining a metal roof, contact American Roofing USA today at 720-500-7663 (ROOF).              

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