Should I Build a Home with a Flat Roof?

Having your own home is a milestone achievement that deserves to be celebrated. It is not an easy task to accomplish, after all. It takes immense determination to be able to put together a dwelling not only for yourself but also for your future generations to come. It becomes even more difficult when you have […]

Are Metal Roofs Easier to Maintain?

The majority of people who purchase a metal roof, do so because metal roofs are so low-maintenance. A metal roof is known to last up to 60 years and is also known to maintain its quality and look at the highest standards established by the roofing industry. Are Metal Roofs Easier to Maintain? When it […]

What is the Best Roof Material to Prevent Hail

  Facts About the Hail and Hailstorms At American Roofing USA, we’re always amazed that the largest hailstone to ever fall happened in 2010, in Vivian South Dakota. This hailstone measured 8 inches in diameter, weighed 1.94 pounds and is now on display at the National Center of Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. We also […]

Four Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof’s Shingles

Proper Roofing is Vital Possibly because the life of roof shingles lasts a long time or the fact that roof shingles are kind of an “out of sight, out of mind” home project. Roof shingles can be considered not all that important, until the roof begins to leak, the shingles begin to deteriorate or a […]

Tips For Dealng With Insurance Companies & Contractors After a Hail Storm

several drops of white hail on rooftop

At American Roofing USA, we know that since 2004, Castle Rock, Colorado has had. “67 hail reports within 10 miles of the city center. The largest report of hail near Castle Rock was 2.00 inches about 2 years ago.” A two-inch hailstone can cause significant damage, which means, experiencing roof damage as a result of […]